Client Services

I offer a variety of results-oriented techniques to help clients obtain the outcomes they desire. I am trained in using cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic perspectives, and mindfulness. My practice focuses on empowering my clients to reduce their anxiety and gain clarity in order to yield new personal and professional results.

I work both in person and over Skype.

Individual Counseling

You might be considering therapy for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, life transitions, grief, relationship challenges, work stress, symptoms of depression, symptoms of anxiety, health and chronic illness, unresolved anger, and unresolved trauma. Together, we will remove the obstacles in the way of you achieving your goals. Through utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions, we will gain awareness of your past patterns and reach an understanding of how best to create the outcomes you desire.


We know that adolescents today face many unique challenges. I work with teens who are survivors of sexual abuse, bullying, academic underachievement, peer pressure, and family trauma. My work with teens involves individual counseling sessions within a family focus.

Career counseling and workshops  

I have presented career counseling and self-development workshops in a variety of educational, business, and corporate settings such as Columbia University, the NYC Department of Education, and the New York City Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.

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