Aimee Barr, LCSW

Psychotherapist. Educator. Advocate


Do you STILL feel stuck? Your bookshelf is filled with self-help books. You have invested a ton of money in personal development courses and are no stranger to therapy. You would describe yourself as self-aware and emotionally intelligent.

Yet, despite investing so much time and money into yourself, you still are trapped in those dead-end, going-nowhere romantic relationships, haven’t found a career that really lights you up, your family and friends just want you to get it together, and a big part of you just wants to give up on yourself.

I get it. Sometimes it feels impossible to know what will work, especially when nothing has yet. Many have been there before and I believe that working with the right counselor can finally allow you awareness into your patterns and help you gain greater acceptance about who you really are. From there, we can create something new—perhaps something you’ve never even considered—that you are inspired and passionate about.

My practice specializes in helping you navigate through some of your toughest transitions. I am interactive in my approach and will provide you with feedback and scientifically researched approaches for overcoming feelings of anxiety, sadness, and anger. Through personally targeted use of a variety of therapeutic interventions, I am here to support you in moving forward and in gaining the ability to feel discomfort without being paralyzed by it.

Brooklyn Therapist: Aimee Barr, LCSW

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