Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Alexandra Greenawalt

It’s a new season. And for some of us the weather isn’t the only thing that’s changed! In the past year so many of us changed our relationship status, home, job and we altered our relationship with ourselves in subtle and major ways. As we are growing we need to ask ourselves a very important question, “Does our internal world reflect our external world?” Sometimes we hold onto old clothes, furniture and habits far past their expiration date. As we enter new stages in our lives, I support you in having your exterior reflect the way you strive to feel internally. I am honored to feature Alexandra Greenawalt as the entrepreneurial spotlight this month. Alexandra is personal stylist and best selling author in New York City. Her photoshoot styling work has been published in Japanese Vogue, The New York Times, InStyle Magazine, and many more. She has additionally been a guest style expert at several media outlets including CNN Money, Yahoo Finance and Real Simple. Alexandra has worked with celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, and Antonia Bennett. She is brilliant, insightful and truly is a specialist in helping women embody their true essence and embrace their beauty.

1. Tell us about YOU? How did you know that you wanted to be a stylist? It was a gradual understanding that personal styling was the place for me. It didn’t happen overnight in fact for many years I struggled with what would my role in fashion and style be. I honestly as a child didn’t know my type of job existed. I couldn’t see myself as a designer and I tried sales. But once I moved to nyc in 2001 and had styling fashion shoots and runways under my belt and founding a fashion night life website I was pretty set on working in fashion. When I was in high school I was very much into theatre but my teacher kept casting me as costume designer so I think he knew it first. 2. Why did you choose busy women as your primary clientele?

I feel that working with real women is so much more satisfying work. Imagine spending a week preparing for a photoshoot only to have the model rip off the clothing in 5 seconds to put on her jeans. Vs working one to one with a woman to help her express herself authentically and start feeling confident and powerful. That style transformation is what feeds my soul. 3. How does your work support women emotionally?

In what ways do you see your clients transform not only physically but emotionally in areas of confidence, acceptance and self-awareness? My role is very much therapist-ish as we delve deep into what’s been showing up for their style. Often times the style block or desire to be invisible is a result of something deeper in their life happening. I’ve seen my clients completely blossom right in front of my eyes from shy, invisible, frumpy to Empress, bright, sparkly, confident, and powerful. I also help them realize that they can look their best no matter what size they are. That notion of chasing a size is awful for the self esteem. 4. What inspires you most about the work you do?

The nature of working one to one is very satisfying to me. Watching the beautiful transformation makes me excited! I’m very good at getting to know my clients in such a deep way that we unearth their true nature and let it shine. 5. Tell us about your books? Who did you write them for?

I wrote my last two books for my clients. The second one Vetted by a Stylist as a resource guide and companion to the work we do together. It’s a bit like my Rolodex but in print of my top people, services, shops, and vendors. The third book Love What you Wear is a love letter to my client who is struggling to find her style while living a very busy lifestyle. Happy to gift a complimentary copy of my latest book to any of your lovely readers. Simply email me at ag@alexandrastylist.com and put book in the subject line. 6. Why should someone hire you?

When they decide the want to love their style even more and want to shortcut the process. 7. How can we follow you and learn more about the work you do? Find me at alexandrastylist.com and on instagram @alexandragreenawalt

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