Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nora Parry of Didi & Dhai

Pain is inevitable. It is universal, with its countless identities reaching all of us in different ways and to varying degrees. No one is immune from pain and it will always be a constant in some shape or form. Not only is pain certain, it is crucial to our well being. It is in our most painful moments that we have the greatest opportunity to learn how to better adapt and survive. Like everyone, I have experienced intense moments of suffering. My mother died suddenly and tragically when I was 15, completely shifting my world and everything I knew. My father died when I was 22, which was less of a sudden event but equally as tragic. The heartbreak that has been caused by losing my parents at such a young age has become far less violent, but still lingers. I don't expect to ever be completely free from the grief of those losses, but it continues to subside with time, and facing that pain has been the most valuable education I have ever received in my life. I was forced to digest all of this trauma and I truly wanted to respond to it in a productive way. By confronting these devastating experiences and dealing with the aftermath, I discovered so much about myself and what I wanted out of life. With pain, you gain insight. I have always had a strong urge to explore our world and build strong bonds with the people in it, but in the wake of my parents death that desire has taken precedence over all else. I hold my loved ones close and want to provide meaning to their lives. It is in my own pain that I found how important it is to lift up others and alleviate their suffering through the practice of compassion. Because of my experience of loss, I now know how much gratitude can lift the heaviness of grief. I am forever thankful for the endless support of those in my life and find the most happiness when I send that positivity back out into the world. In an effort to create something that not only profoundly mattered to me, but could also improve the lives of other people who are struggling, I launched my socially conscious jewelry brand Didi & Dhai in December 2015. Two years earlier, I had spent a summer in Nepal volunteering for a Kathmandu-based non-profit organization that provides safe homes, food, and mental health counseling to young survivors of sexual assault. I was incredibly moved by the experience and created Didi & Dhai to help them fundraise by giving a portion of the profit back to the NPO. Working through my own pain caused a shift in my priorities, with a focus on creating compassion for others and myself. We all suffer at times -- why wouldn't we help each other through the pain?

Nora Parry, founder of Didi & Dhai grew up as the youngest of seven children in an adventurous and dynamic family that cultivated her eagerness to explore and foster meaningful relationships along the way. With a desire to combine her love of travel and interest in social work, Nora volunteered at Antardristi Nepal, a non-profit organization in Nepal where she provided aid to young survivors of sexual assault. She was immediately enamored with the beautiful country and its warm people, especially the young girls who lived in the counseling center where she worked. Inspired by the experience, Nora created Didi & Dhai to introduce a pendant that helps us give to the Nepalese organization that houses children in desperate need of love and care. To learn more about Didi & Dhai visit them at https://www.didianddhai.com, Instagram @didianddhai, Twitter @didianddhai and Facebook @didianddhai.

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