Nutrition Tips For Getting Back To Self Love Around Food

I am very passionate about women’s health and am committed to helping others honor their bodies and make healthy choices for themselves. As a health and wellness coach, I hear modern women struggling with so many of the same challenges. So many of us are plagued by shame, guilt and self-loathing around our food choices. We also struggle to forgive ourselves for that extra glass of wine, chocolate birthday cake we ate or slices of pizza we had. I have witnessed this very personal internal struggle within my friendship circles, see it in children, teachers, family members and clients.

It is important to me to help others stop feeling shameful around their food choices and their body. Therefore, below I have included a few helpful tips on how you can get yourself back on track after a few extra indulgences that had you say, “I have fallen off the wagon.” Making mindful choices and leading from a place of compassion will stop the cycle of self hate, guilt, shame, resentment get the idea. Have you had some oops moments with food? Below please find what I coined as:

‘Steps on getting back to Self Love.’

1. First things first we must allow and forgive ourselves. Trust me when I say this must be the first step. Carrying all the guilt and shame is heavy! And guess where it is stored?? Exactly! Who needs to carry that around, besides it can eventually even make us sick. So please make it your business to let it go and forgive. You can do this by saying it out loud or writing it in a journal. It can be like, “I forgive myself and I move on”. 2. Step 2 is to re-create a plan with attainable goals. Start off small, but not too small where you are cutting yourself short. For example, setting aside time to make home cooked meals. If you have family member there with you don’t be afraid to ask them to join you. This will create an atmosphere of support and love. It will also nourish you. I find that cooking in bulk is one of the most helpful tools. I always say if you plan ahead you already have won! You minimize the space for temptations. 3. The last one I will recommend is a strong self care ritual. I hold this one dearly. This one practice alone will start to create space for freedom, compassion and self love. A strong self care ritual allows you to begin to be present enough to slow down, have some 1:1 time in order to cultivate a relationship with yourself. One of my favorite rituals is taking a warm bath. I find this to always be so soothing and relaxing, I also love long walks they clear my mind. Additionally, we need time to safely be vulnerable and connect with trusted friends. In a busy and fast paced world, we must always find time to come back to ourselves. A self-care ritual will support you physically, emotionally and spiritually to heal this cycle moving forward.

Practicing these simple yet powerful tools will help you cultivate compassion for yourself. You will then also start to affirm a new relationship to your food and body. Which will allow you to be more present about who your relationship with food and if you’re showing up for yourself in nourishing ways. My hope is that you find your way back home and love yourself every time you feel you have “fallen off the wagon”. With Love Ibe.

Ibetliza Frias, Certified Wellness Lifestyle Coach, is a lover and promoter of all holistic and healing modalities. She is passionate about female empowerment through consistent self care regimens and works with clients individually and has also participated in a number of motherhood and sisterhood healing circles. Ibetliza has spent close to 15 years studying health, wellness and healing. To learn more about Ibe or to sign up for her newsletter and receive complimentary recipes for her 3 day cleanse please visit her at or on Instagram @Ibetliza_wondermom

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