Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cathy Vignola Founder of Awesome Essential Oils

Do you value self-care and yet lead a very busy life where you are constantly on the go? Sometimes while managing our full lives we need simple ways to step it up. I am very grateful to my friend Cathy Vignola for introducing me to Young Living Essential Oils. When it comes to healing modalities, Cathy is an expert. For 26 years Cathy has been studying meditation, yoga, breathing, energy healing and of course, essential oils. I recently purchased a starter kit from Cathy and am obsessed! Utilizing Essential Oils are a wonderful and accessible way to #StepItUpInSeptember. I invite you to read my interview with Cathy and learn more how Essential Oils can help benefit your emotional health:

Please share a little bit about your professional background. Have you always been interested in wellness?

I got interested in nutrition 26 years ago fresh from university where I studied business and marketing. I even asked for a juicer as my graduation gift! Since, I've studied different healing modalities such as fasting, meditation, yoga, breathing, energy healing and of course, essential oils. Essential oils entered my life in 1995 when I was working for a cosmetic line based on aromatherapy, which is the science of essential oils. My clients who were estheticians and myself were amazed by the kind of results possible with the use of essential oils on the skin. Besides getting great skin results, clients would get asleep during their facial due to the relaxing effect of the oils. Back then, I personally have experienced the powerful healing effect on my skin after getting my nose cut by a dog in three different spots. I started to use the oils right away and the results I got within four days with my nose were incredible. I was sold by the power of essential oils for the skin but still didn't have a clue about essential oils as a holistic healing modality. That came much later.

What interested you in Young Living Oils?

When it was time to bring back essential oils into my life, I chose Young Living because of their purity and integrity. The Seed to Seal program, which is the ultimate, industry-leading standard in essential oil products, is non negotiable. Young Living offers a pristine final product that represents the best of nature with conscientious sourcing, science, and a quality process far beyond all industry expectations. There are a lot of compromise and corruption in that industry, which lacks in regulations. With Young Living, I know I will always receive the product I deserve. Additionally, I also love the heartfelt story of the founders. They started their company 23 years ago with the purchase of their first farm and have built a billion dollar company distributing their products all over the world but what inspires me the most is that they do all of their hard work driven by their hearts' desires and life purpose. Their mission is to bring wellness, purpose, and abundance to every home. I met the owners at different events and I am a better person for it. They truly inspire me.

Who would you recommend using oils?

To be honest, everybody would benefit to incorporate a daily self-care routine with Young Living essential oils. It has the potential to elevate everyone's experience of life on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Starting on that journey is like starting a new relationship. At first, you don't really know or understand what you got yourself into. What I love the most is to inspire my new clients and distributors to establish a daily routine and to watch them to get their aha moment with the oils. On a regular basis, i get goosebumps hearing people sharing about their experience. It's very rewarding! Now you need to know that there is a commercial speech law in the US, which means that speech done on behalf of a company is highly regulated. As an independent distributor, there's lots of testimonials I can't repeat but I can recommend books to read. I particularly like Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils and I think that the Essential Oils Desk Reference now at its 7th edition is a must-have. There are also great app to support people on their essential oils journey.

What oils would you recommend for people battling symptoms of depression and anxiety?

I am not a clinician and can't make clinical recommendations on treating symptoms of depression or anxiety. With significant symptoms people need to consider utilizing psychopharmacology drugs and of course therapy drugs. However, I can make a recommendation of list of essential oils that may support the nervous system. Frankincense, lavender, valerian, Roman chamomile, cedarwood, Brain Power, Clarity, Valor, and Peace and Calming are some of the most popular ones. We also have great nutritional supplements that contains essential oils. I would add SleepEssence, OmegaGize 3, MindWise, and Super B to that list.

What do you love most about your work?

Like I said earlier, I love hearing about my clients and distributors' aha moments and inspirational stories using the oils. It's also nice to know that I'm not the only essential oils obsessed person! I regularly lead guided meditation with essential oils and I see people transforming in front of me. That's rewarding! Another aspect of my work that I adore is the teamwork. Working with and supporting members of my organization to achieve their goal is one of the best feeling ever.

Share a success story!

Receiving an email from my dad with the subject line 'Magical Potion' and asking me how to get the oils was definitely a highlight for me. Business wise, I recently achieved the rank of Executive, which is the 4th of 10 ranks. As I move up in the ranks of Young Living, I become eligible for additional earning opportunities. But this is not all about me! In order to move up, I need to help my distributors to move up as well. It's all about teamwork.

If someone wants to gets started, learn more about oils or order a starter kit, what should they do?

They can contact me, order their stater kit or learn about Young Living through my website AwesomeEssentialOils.com. They can also find me on Instagram @cathyvignola. It's truly my pleasure to support people on their Young Living journey. I want to remind people that this is a lifelong journey. There's so much to learn but it's definitely a fulfilling and worthwhile journey.

Cathy Vignola is a certified health coach and independent Young Living Essential Oils distributor. She helps her clients establish a self-care routine with the use of essential oils with the intention of raising their energetic frequency and creating new empowered possibilities for themselves. As a Young Living leader, she helps new distributors build their own automated system and create a profitable lifestyle business. To contact and set up a complimentary one-to-one with Essential Oils Discovery Session with Cathy please email her at cathy@awesomeessentialoils.com

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