Attorney Megan Goddard Esq: Empowering Employees Who Face Discrimination And Harassment

Part of my role as a therapist is to connect you with advocates and people who are bright, competent, trustworthy and committed to helping you move forward . It's is an honor to interview Megan Goddard Esq. who is one of those wonderful people who can help. Megan is the founder of Goddard Law PLLC, an employment discrimination law firm devoted to protecting equality in the workplace. Her firm represents victims of all types of discrimination, including race, gender, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation and national origin, as well as victims of sexual harassment and discrimination-based retaliation, and whistleblowers. Megan helps employees determine if they are being treated unlawfully, and endeavors to increase happiness in the workplace for her clients.

Read on for my interview with Megan:

1. Please share what inspired you to launch a law firm that specializes in all types of discrimination and harassment including race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and national origin.

I grew disheartened by what seemed like never ending stories of blatant discrimination and retaliation I watched close friends suffer through---and I got mad about it, and decided to stand up to the employers who thought that they would just get away with bullying certain employees.

2. What is your favorite part of your job?

I love watching my clients get their confidence back. It’s extremely demoralizing to do your job and do it well but nonetheless be retaliated against because you don’t want to sleep with your boss, or because you had the audacity to get pregnant, or because your new manager doesn’t like your religion, or the color of your skin. Standing up to people and companies who seem “more powerful” than you is intimidating, but doing it can be very empowering. I strive to empower the people who come to me. I also try to take a holistic approach and make sure that the decisions that my clients make are good for their life, as opposed to just good for their case.

3. Who should consider contacting you?

Anyone who believes that they have been treated unfairly at work should reach out. I am always available for a phone call about whether I think the way that you have been treated is unlawful.

4. Has the recent political climate influenced your practice or commitment to supporting those who are victims of discrimination and/or harassment?

The statistics indicate that acts of discrimination-as well as the severity and openness with which they are displayed-are on the rise. And laws that protect employees are being threatened. It is disheartening to see behavior that was widely seen as unacceptable make its way back into the accepted norm. Like many other employment attorneys, I have been inspired to resist wherever possible.

5. What is your favorite self-care tip that helps you maintain balance?

I try to get to the beach quite a bit! And I walk to and from work everyday-it’s a great way for me to prepare for the day-and to decompress when the day is done!

6. Is there anything else that you would like others to know about you and your practice?

You should always call an attorney if you believe that you are being treated unfairly in the workplace. Its very easy to get a free consultation, and the attorney can help explain to you whether or not you are being treated unfairly. Contacting an attorney does not mean you have to be part of a lawsuit. If you are being treated unfairly, there are many ways to resolve your concerns.

For more information about Megan please visit her at

Or connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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